Al Jazeera condemns Egypt media intimidation

Al Jazeera has spoken out against the intimidation of journalists in Cairo.

The comments come after:

  • Dozens of their journalists rounded up and detained by the authorities
  • Their offices raided
  • APTN ordered by the military to deny their live feed to Al Jazeera
  • Threatening leaflets distributed outside Al Jazeera offices
  • Al Jazeera Arabic’s correspondent hounded out of a government press conference by attendees who applauded the spokesman at the end of the event

Other international media organisations have also reported harassment.

An Al Jazeera spokesman said:

“The situation for all journalists in Cairo is very dangerous. Journalists are doing a vital job and intimidating them is detrimental to everyone.

"The country is very polarised, and international outlets have been subjected to unjust hostility. Al Jazeera, as the most-watched news outlet in the Arab world, has been particularly targeted in an apparent crackdown on information.

"Following the recent squeeze on media in Egypt, some Al Jazeera Mubasher Misr staff have decided to leave. We understand the reasons for some employees feeling they need to move on, including those with partisan political opinions.

"We’ve always given all sides of opinion airtime on Al Jazeera, it’s our mantra. As we saw at today’s astonishing press conference though, large sections of the Egyptian media object to this openminded ethos.

"Throughout our history we’ve had to cope with crackdowns. This unfortunately is nothing new. We will carry on doing our job regardless - upholding the highest standards of journalism, covering all angles of events in Egypt with balance and integrity."